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You have the power to transform the ocean within you

Gain practical tools to reclaim your mind and rebalance your body through somatic psychotherapy and surf therapy programs

When we heal the body, the mind follows

Overthinking and under-sleeping. Trapped in fight or flight mode. Wrestling the nagging feeling of not being enough. Struggling to genuinely connect and savor daily moments of joy. 


Do any of these symptoms feel familiar to you?


These are telltale signs of living with unresolved trauma or stress.
It's like your body hits the panic button, throwing your nervous system into a tailspin and snatching away your sense of calm and connection.


But you don’t have to stay in this never-ending battle. 


With somatic psychotherapy, you can craft a healing journey that works for your mind and body. A journey that guides you to a place of peace, restores your sense of self, and helps you (re)-experience the world around you.

Areas Of Somatic Psychotherapy Supports

Trauma, PTSD, Anxiety, Panic

Relationship issues,
inability to connect

Emotional Regulation, 

Breathe out everything you know about therapy

In somatic therapy, you won’t have to retell details about your past or your trauma. Instead, we focus on finding relief in the body and mind in the present moment. By understanding and easing your physical symptoms, freedom from anxiety, PTSD, and trauma follows. 


Breathe in a therapeutic approach that lets you explore, play, and transform.

It's time to reset and find balance

Somatic Psychotherapy

One-on-one virtual somatic psychotherapy for women and adolescents who want to unearth the roots of their pain, struggles, or anxiety and develop tools for lasting change.

Surf Therapy Programs

Group and custom experiential surf therapy programs in Costa Rica to help adventurous spirits reclaim their bodies, minds, and hearts through the transformative power of ocean healing. 

What have clients said?

"I spent most of 2020 in fight or flight mode, coping with PTSD episodes and panic. I had tried to address these issues on my own and found it a losing battle. I came to Kristin looking for tools to help me process episodes while decreasing their frequency and impact. Since I've started, my relationship has improved, my awareness of shame and trauma has increased, and my ability to self-regulate has grown."

Female client age 31

“I would refer anybody I know to Kristin who is struggling with anxiety, depression, or a feeling of not belonging. For me, these have all stemmed from childhood trauma. Attachment therapy and self-regulation have played a vital role in how I feel better as I progress.”

Female client age 26

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Meet Kristin - 
a licensed psychotherapist,
surf therapy facilitator, and born adventurer

I believe relationships and connection are at the core of healing

We all navigate life carrying traumas that can infect everything we do - from our physical health to our relationships with others to how we see ourselves. But when we feel understood and accepted, a ripple effect of healing can reach our sense of self, our relationships, and our communities.  


As both a licensed psychotherapist and an outdoor enthusiast, I’ve experienced firsthand how relationships with nature, sport, and community lead to empowerment, self-confidence, and increased resilience. And it’s this experience that I bring to my therapy sessions. 


By specializing in somatic psychotherapy, my goal is to help you understand your nervous system better so you can reduce the symptoms of trauma and take control of your healing. 


This approach isn’t just about feeling better in the moment. It’s about giving you the tools and confidence to take control of your healing journey and step into the courageous life you want to live.

Meet Kristin

Wilder Wellness Podcast

Tune in to the Wilder Wellness Podcast where Kristin and her co-host hold inspiring conversations on finding healing, growth, and adventure in the outdoors and living a life outside of the box!

Are you craving more out of your life?

If you’re looking for more intimate connections, more wild adventures, or more everyday joy, you’re in the right place. 

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