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Virtual Psychotherapy for over-thinkers, big feelers, and outdoor adventurers

Reclaim your mind from trauma, anxiety, PTSD, or panic

Are you struggling with:
Anxiety, overwhelm, or panic?
Depression or loss of motivation?
Digestive issues, insomnia, or unresolved medical issues?
Intimacy issues or emotional outburst?

That feeling you are a stranger in your own body?


This could be unresolved trauma creeping into your every day experiences

Trauma is not a one-off experience. When we experience trauma, our nervous system responds with a persistent heightened state of alert (aka fight or flight). 


This stress impacts our entire mind and body, leading to physical health issues, trouble sleeping, emotional imbalances, difficulty concentrating, and more.

But when you harness tools to heal trauma and relieve its symptoms…

You can start to:

Feel at ease and relaxed

Ask for and receive the help you need

Identify and achieve your unique needs

Set boundaries to protect your well being

Create intimate and trusting relationships

Feel more comfortable in your skin


You're here because you don't want to just talk - You want a roadmap to a more grounded, assured, joyful you.

Virtual Psychotherapy Modalities

Somatic Tools

Incorporating body awareness and sensations as a pathway to releasing trauma in our muscles and nervous system.


A focused treatment to help you navigate unresolved trauma using deep brain processing and eye movement.


Uses the heart-brain connection to regulate behavioral responses by synchronizing your heart, brain, and emotions.


Intentional breathing exercises to guide you through struggles, regulate your nervous system, and build safety awareness in the body.

"My anxiety was so bad for years I was vomiting, had constant nausea, diarrhea, and stomach pain, and I wasn't sleeping. After 6 months of working with Kristin, these symptoms were no longer issues for me. My anxiety is now manageable with tools like Heart Math, Breathwork, and meditation." 

Female client age 31

About your licensed psychotherapist, Kristin

Pushing beyond traditional talk therapy has always been my style. 


Much of my therapeutic practice is inspired by my time as a Wilderness Therapist in Oregon and seeing the freeing power that nature, movement, and connection have on all of us. 


In somatic psychotherapy, we start by understanding our nervous system and the link between our physical body and our mental health experience. Then, we address the physical symptoms of trauma or anxiety by focusing on body awareness, psychoeducation, and emotional regulation. 


This intentional work paves the way for essential life skills like meaningful connections, effective communication, and setting healthy boundaries.


On expedition, facilitating therapeutic group process on trail

My Qualifications:

License in Clinical Social Work, State of Oregon

Master's Degree in Social Work, Portland State University

Dual Bachelor’s Degree in Sociology and Social Work, University of Wisconsin Stevens- Point

Brainspotting 1 + 2 Training, Focus in Developmental Trauma

HeartMath Trained

Lens Neurofeedback Trained


Wilderness First Resonder certified

What does a psychotherapy session look like?


Somatic psychotherapy isn’t a place to just vent. It’s a place where you’ll dig deeper into your issues, understand yourselves better, and gain tools to help you feel more comfortable in relationships, more centered in yourself, and more joyful in your everyday life. 


Each session is tailored to your needs using a ‘bottom-up’ approach with somatic techniques like breathwork and brainspotting to help your nervous system find relief. Once your body is at peace, you’ll learn tools for emotional regulation and resilience to help you reclaim control over your mind and emotions as well. 

FAQs about online somatic therapy:


Who do you work with?

I work primarily with women and adolescents who are struggling with trauma, anxiety, and depression, and are eager to discover tools to help with their healing. As a licensed therapist in Oregon, my virtual services allow me to work with folks across the entire state.

How much do sessions cost?

For clients billed directly, a 50-minute session costs $180. 


What insurance do you take?

Current accepted health insurance plans include Pacific Source Health Plans, Aetna, and First Choice Health. If your insurance company is not listed, I can provide a monthly Superbill for you for reimbursement from your insurance.


Is my privacy guaranteed in a virtual setting?

Absolutely! All the same privacy laws apply to a virtual setting as they do to in-person therapy. Our sessions will be held over a HIPPA-compliant video call tool (not Zoom!) to ensure your privacy is protected. 


Is virtual therapy as helpful as in-person therapy?

While some individuals prefer in-person therapy sessions, virtual therapy can be just as beneficial while providing more flexibility. Not only are many of the therapeutic tools we’ll use as effective when done virtually, but you can also have your sessions from the comfort of your own home.

I’m unfamiliar with therapy or mindfulness practices, will I grasp everything we cover?

Somatic therapy is the perfect place to start if you’re new to intentional mindfulness because we start with physical sensations before diving into more complex, intuitive exercises. You won’t walk away from our sessions feeling like you just talked the whole time, you’ll come away with a better understanding of yourself, your body, and your path forward. 


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